Here are some quick virtual presentation tips. We’ve broken them into three topics: Preparation for yourself, for your room/environment, and technical preparation. 

  1. Preparing YOU – Be sure you’re all ready to go well in advance of your live event or recording. We suggest this because there can often be last-minute items or glitches and you won’t want to deal with these until you, yourself, are ready to present live! Here’s what we suggest:
    • Decide what you’re going to wear the day before, so you don’t have to think about it.
    • Get dressed and ready at least one hour before the event.
    • Wear simple colors – dark is best – so that the focus of the camera and everyone’s attention is on you, not the pattern of your shirt.
    • Eat and drink all you need to ahead of time so that you don’t have to do this as you speak.
    • If you do need to drink some water, put it in an opaque cup or glass – it’s not attractive to watch someone drink from a glass.
    • Practice looking at your camera, not an image on your screen.
    • Remember to smile, even if something goes wrong, as it gives a great impression.
  1. Preparing your room/environment – Set everything up before your live or recording session so it’s exactly as it will look.
    • Check in the camera view to make sure that there’s nothing in the background that is cluttered (it takes people’s attention away from you) or distracting.
    • Distance yourself from the camera so that your face and shoulders take the up the majority of the view. This allows viewers to feel they are “close enough” to be engaged with what you’re saying and not distracted by the rest of the room.
    • Check your background for artwork that is distracting – especially of photographs or human figures, for example. We want eyes on you, not your background.
    • Is there enough light on your face? Be sure you have front lighting and avoid windows behind you or to one side, as this will make shadows on your fact.
  1. Preparing the technology – set everything up so that you’re ready to go and have back- up plans, just in case.
    • Be sure your camera is working and on.
    • If using a laptop, add a box or riser underneath to get a view that’s eye level.
    • If your chair is at an off angle, consider standing while presenting and use a countertop or bar area.
    • Test your sound on a microphone or ear pieces, so it’s the right volume.
    • Try to have a “plugged in” internet connection, rather than Wi-Fi, so you have the needed bandwidth for recording and presentations.
    • Have an internet back-up plan in case you have an issue. This might include a hot spot with your phone.
    • Turn your phone off and turn off all other applications on your computer so you aren’t getting notifications while you’re live or recording.
    • If you have a presentation, print it out – just in case you need to refer to it.

Most importantly, relax and have fun with your presentation! Even online, your audience feels what you feel and is eager to hear what you have to say. Enjoy your moment!


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