Sponsor Tools

Give your sponsors a virtual voice with our platform

One of the major draws for potential sponsors and exhibitors will be the potential for being seen by — and interacting with — a significant number of attendees. We start all events with a custom-branded landing page, showcasing the value proposition of your event. This page has plenty of room for IAB-standard ad units and even video commercials and ads.

From the platform login page to the virtual ballrooms, we provide plenty of space for ads, modules and clickable links from event sponsors, guaranteeing visibility for thousands of attendees as they participate in the event. This makes it super easy for both attendees and sponsors to make meaningful connections across all of the touch points and locations of their scheduled meetings and while viewing content.

Conventus also offers up to 15 custom pages on the platform, prividing plenty of opportunity for specialized sponsor programs including virtual theatres, showcases, virtual booths, carosels on pages, tiered sponsor listings and more. If you and your sponsors can dream it, Conventus can help you execute it with our agency services team. We know your event needs to drive sponsor revenue to survive, and we have the tools to help create unique experiences, coupled with appointments, that sponsors love.

Our landing pages have plenty of ad spots, so that you can offer sponsors visibility even as your guests are signing up.

During the course of your event, your attendees can be notified of sponsor events via the events page. There are also opportunities to place sponsored ads on the platform itself – either in your attendees’ portal area or with sponsored links in your Virtual Ballroom. Each ballroom can hold up to 800 people – the potential for visibility here is huge.