Key Components of Conference Scheduling Solutions (CSS) Technology

Matching Algorithm
Our patented matching algorithm is unrivalled in capabilities and delivery, ensuring that all users benefit from the maximum returns.

The powerful admin tool allows event organizers to set a variety of parameters and constraints to ensure the perfect outcome each time

Automatically matches appropriate buyers to sellers to minimize wasted time and enhance profitability

Blocks availability for individual users or groups

Gives full control of the minimum and maximum participants and appointments available to event organizers

Flexible Locations
Our platform -- for both virtual, hybrid and in-person events -- is location agnostic. We support event scenarios of almost all kinds for everything from healthcare, financial and association meetings to traditional hosted buyer events with buyers and sellers. Meetings benefit from:

Point-to-point embedded rooms

Up to 50 participants in each pre-scheduled meeting

Fully secure, yet easily accessible onsite or online

Specifically timed to prevent interruptions from early/late joiners

Unique location options for all venues, with attendee in-person or virtual tags built in

All participants’ calendars are adjusted to their individual or preferred time zone. This means that international connections are made with an automated understanding of participant availability in line with all time zones involved -- no user should need to worry about a 5AM meeting.

Each user can block their personal availability each event or meeting day

Participant availability is automatically recognized so double-booking or clashed appointments won’t occur

Calendar can be downloaded to personal calendars and devices

Calendar appointments can be shared with staff and other users

Browsing Tools
Our technology allows event hosts to detail the desired outcomes, rules and participation parameters in a customized way. Attendees and hosts benefit from extensive browsing and wayfinding options on the platform to support the needs of almost any type of event. Our profile-driven design allows users to fully utilize the automated scheduling and tailored responses for their needs, and to participant in even the most complex event scenarios.
Recommendation Support
Our recommendation functionality is pioneering in its ability to analyze data such as user input and responses to make effective recommendations for participant connections, matched events and advisable meetings.

The sophisticated tech allows users to review the profiles of others and to request to meet other users or block meet-up requests. Participants may also rank their requests.

Participant Profile Sharing
Demographic data is unique to every participant and critical to making quality connections at virtual, hybrid and in-person events. Profile data can be brought in from any registration system, and positioned within the platform so that it can be edited as the first action as users log in.

Organizers can choose how much profile data will be exposed to attendees, obscuring elements as needed. Profiles can be shared, exported, imported and forwarded to other users - making networking and data sharing simpler than ever.
Data Analysis & Reporting
To ensure that event organizers achieve the best return on investment, event data is gathered and presented in a comprehensive and coherent way at every step of the event lifecycle. This ensures that all of our clients have the tools to evaluate everything from meetings scheduled to session viewers. We ensure our partners receive the most thorough feedback and relevant analytics to tailor events more effectively both as they occur and for the future.
A Platform for Every Event A Platform for Every Event

A Platform for Every Event

World-class technology coupled with personalized partnership for organizers and white-glove attention for every participant

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