Turning a month-long event into a series


A virtual networking event that connects the sports events and tourism industry. SportsBIZ XChange, presented by Sports ETA, is a month-long schedule of virtual business appointments and industry networking opportunities for its members and sports events rights holders from August 3-21.


SportsBIZ Xchange is a month long conference that had many moving variables. Going into the event, the main challenge was maintaining attendee engagement in a virtual setting.


Our inaugural SportsBIZ XChange hosted by Sports ETA leveraging the CSS platform has been an incredible success. As most organizations have had to pivot during the pandemic, we did too, but we knew we needed to connect our members to events rights holders to begin talking about business opportunities in 2021. The CSS platform allowed us to host more than 10,000 meetings over three weeks connecting more than 300 of our members to business decision makers. Our members are a social group so the technology provided a structured meeting schedule as well as impromptu networking chats so everyone could reconnect. We highly recommend CSS as a business partner.

Alan R. Kidd, President & CEO of Sports ETA


CSS utilized our Algo scheduling platform alongside the virtual ballroom to promote 1-1 meetings and networking opportunities throughout the event.


The SportsBIZ XChange hosted by Sports ETA was the first month-long virtual conference CSS executed. Throughout the SportsBIZ XChange, more than 10,000 meetings took place over three weeks connecting more than 300 of Sports ETA members to business decision makers.