Pre-scheduled Appointments On-Site Management Program

CSS On-site services manage all aspects of the on-site execution of scheduled appointment program. The CSS On-site Manager is the direct point of contact with the Meeting Planner (the client) or Hosted Buyer Director (HBD) to complete a full plan of program requirements and details and to lead the on-site team. Together, they review client information, expectations for the event, and nuances of the schedules, venue, participants, and more.

The CSS team travels to event sites worldwide and manages on-site meeting set-up, operation, and tear down related to the one-to-one or one-to-many meeting programs, the technology, event mobile app support, schedule support, tech education (optional) and a tech center — which can include optional valuable technology-centered activities for attendees.

On site, the CSS team works with the client on adhering to policies, schedule output & distribution, managing participant expectations, supervising program process, and physical location/venue management. The On-site Manager conducts a daily program performance review and preparation for the subsequent show days, as well as providing live tech and schedule support for all stakeholders associated.

Our Pros at Your Event

  • Retrieving Assets
    We will work with your team to retrieve assets and bring attendee data into our patented system.
  • Participant Portal
    Our team can help with participant portal configuration and customization. We can help build ad-ons such as ad units, videos and premium profiles.
  • Administration & Management
    The CSS team can assist with portal administration and management before, during and after your event.