Never miss a beat with the participant calendar

Every virtual event is different. That’s why we make it easy to customize your attendee-facing event calendar – so that every attendee can access the scheduling information they need.

You can determine how your calendar will appear to attendees in the Manage Event area, with a range of options including configurable calendar headings, notes and views. These help you create the most accessible virtual event possible for the needs of your audience.

The WYSIWYG calendar is the center of participation for your attendees, and they’ll be able to block times they’re not available, add meetings, reschedule meetings, add sessions and more.  It is their go-to element of getting the most from your experience.

You can set and adjust the default calendar settings your attendees will see on logging in, and give them as much or as little freedom as needed to set their own preferences. This adds an extra layer of flexibility for your attendees, whose own preferences and goals might suit a particular view better.

Attendees can view their schedule as a Day View, Week View, Month View, or List View. They can also choose between ‘time boxed by schedule’ mode (where the calendar will show the period of time book-ended by the attendee’s first and last meeting) or more traditional standard calendar views.