CSS provides a robust scheduling solution, allowing event producers to set parameters, rules, and desired outcomes for their shows.

The attendee UI makes it easy for users to find one another through a recommendation engine, compatibility scoring driven by user input.

Our powerful admin tool makes it easy for event producers to schedule appointments, education, meals, and more through our patented constraint management tool.

After an event CSS can provide organizers with detailed analytics which help take future events to the next level.

Attendee profiles can be imported and exported, as well as saved and sent to participants.

Participant portals can be customized and personalized to display company or event branding.

Multimedia such as an ad unit or video can be added to the participant login screen.

The CSS platform provides a complete searchable attendee directory for your event.

Give event attendees the ability to promote their brand and drive awareness before an event even begins by providing the option to purchase premium profile packages.


The CSS patented algorithm uses attendee requests and event parameters to create schedules optimized for maximum networking efficiency.

The CSS business intelligence tool gives event organizers the ability to easily manage and track business conducted at their shows.

Our powerful administrative tool gives the event organizer advanced configuration abilities and back-end management of the event.


All communications within the CSS platform are protected by TLS 1.2, the most up to date security protocol available today.

The CSS platform provides secure participant authentication by generating individualized login credentials for each participant.