Event Types Ideal for CSS and Conventus Technology

Hosted Buyer

Planning a hosted buyer event? It is easy to deliver a scheduling solutions that works for both attendees and exhibitors. Through the use of a conference scheduling platform, help participants accomplish their goals – make highly valuable matchmaking as easy as 123. Harness the power of a hosted buyer platform to aid buyer decision-making in one designated destination so that they only meet the right vendors or suppliers.

Facilitated Networking

The right event networking tool facilitates qualified networking between visitors and suppliers that qualify – for example, not only are visitors and suppliers shortlisted to meet each other’s requirements but networking is facilitated through advanced matchmaking tools to allow participants a set amount of time to meet, engage and exchange goods and services, rather than a generic networking event where participants only meet by chance or self-schedule appointments later after exchanging introductions.

Tutoring/Individual Training

Event scheduling and hosted buyer platforms prove their worth yet again when it comes to hosting individual training programs or tutoring, all in the name of education and learning. Through a hosted buyer event, only the most suitable trainers/instructors get a chance to showcase their area of specialisation to highly likely candidates who are in need of quality education and tutoring. Educators and learners can both save themselves the time and hassle of finding training programs that are tailor-made to their preferences.

Recruiting/Career Fairs

Career fairs are undeniably the most suitable platform for applicants to establish meaningful contact with prospective employers. A great hosted buyer program will make use of the best matchmaking technology to allow employers to get to know their best suited candidates. Conversely, candidates can save valuable time and energy by meeting only the most worthy potential employers that are fully aligned with their professional goals and ambitions. No need for meeting requests as you can pre-schedule appointments through the right hosted buyer platform and start planning a better future.

University Advisory Boards

Make better use of your time as a student by using a hosted buyer program so that you instantly get to interact with only the most ideal advisory boards based on general academic interests, study area or other organisational issues you may need to discuss with the relevant university advisory board. Know exactly what you need to discuss and with whom at a venue that is easily and convenient to reach.

Investor “Speed Dating”

Imagine two or more people networking and connecting on a topic of mutual interest, allowing startups, for instance, to find investments for legal firms or venture capital firms. Make the most of your time meeting people who are aligned with your investment goals, people that you may have never had the time or opportunity to meet without a hosted buyer platform. Dive right into discussions, bagging that dream investment you have always been after.

Sports/Book Signings

Wouldn’t it be great if those long queues and crowd control issues can be prevented every time enthusiastic book lovers and eager sports fans want to get their favourite book or sports memorabilia signed? Hosted buyer events give you an ample space to work with and unlock real-time preferences, so that you use the power of event automation to give appointments to select fans at a premium price. But this does not mean the other fans should feel left out. A “No appointment” line can be made available for free so that none of the hand-picked fans go home empty handed.

Group “Genius” Meetings

Filter exhibitors you wish to meet and easily send them meeting requests for a time slot that is convenient for everybody. Schedule user group “genius” meetings between individual contributors and many key industry suppliers and vendors, with the goal of cementing life-long business relationships, all under one venue. Capitalise on the power of event scheduling automation to hold user group meetings between only the most suitable exhibitors. This allows you to expand your own network as well in a well-organised and relaxed environment.

Fan Gatherings

Your goal is to get the most number of businesses and/or individuals discuss their mutual interests, and buying/selling services that appeals to their interests. Ideal for that new game hardware developer, perhaps, who is looking to sell their latest driving wheels to the most die-hard virtual driving fans. You want to fill as many seats as possible and give each group of individuals the best platform possible for discussing, augmenting, and buying/selling goods to satisfy their unique goals. Hosted buyer events are the future for fan or more appropriately “birds of a feather” gatherings.

Large Tradeshow Demo or Meeting Programs

You want only the most qualified and relevant buyers attending your meeting programs or big tradeshow demo. Work with select exhibitors only so that you can screen your most likely attendees. Since all transportation and hotel costs are covered for your attendees, you can showcase your full product offering at a hand-picked venue where you might even have an expo-like scenario with multiple exhibits, in case you wish to demonstrate the full capabilities of your service to more than one attendee types.

Drive Connection and Engagement

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