Registration & Forms

Gather the data you need from any participant type

As an event organizer, you want your attendees to be able to register as easily as possible. You need forms that are easy to use, and you need processes that encourage not only registration, but active engagement throughout the event.

Our registration process is simple. Your attendees register with an email address, and are then sent a registration link. On following the link, our platform invites them to create a memorable password. That’s all there is to it – after that, it’s simply a case of creating their profile and getting those meeting requests in.

If your forms don’t work, your event doesn’t work. Given every event is different and every participant base has different needs, it’s important to think through how you capture information, where it’s stored and how you use it.

Our customization team is on hand to help you create forms that capture the information you need to make your event run smoothly. Our range of prebuilt templates might fit your needs perfectly – but it’s always useful to have the option to adapt these if needs be.