Advertising Units

From skyscrapers to leaderboards, sponsor messages will be seen

Conferences are major opportunities for advertisers. Virtual conferences are no exception – and arguably have the edge on in-person events because of the opportunities for immediate, direct interaction with attendees.

Our platform offers a range of attractive advertising options – both for event sponsors and for your own organization to promote itself. Both our event site and landing pages offer plenty of space for onscreen ads, and support text, image and video within these.

There are also many advertising opportunities during the course of your event. Clickable links in your virtual ballroom allow advertisers to reach up to 800 attendees at once, and we can stream either live or pre-recorded presentations from your sponsor companies too.

That’s not to mention that our virtual ballroom is entirely customizable in itself. Our graphic design team can work with you to create something that works for you – choose your own color scheme, how many sponsor modules your space has and whose logo gets pride of place on the stage.