The events industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Show organizers are now facing the problem of how to manage crowds safely at in-person events while following Covid guidelines. While many large convention centers can handle the masses, mid-size to small convention centers are searching for a solution to manage space for attendees during speaker sessions, 1:1 meetings, group presentations, and VIP experiences. 
CSS is introducing a crowd control feature that allows show organizers to upload the floor plan along with the allotted amount of seats available in each ballroom, breakout room, or common area. Once the data is loaded, attendees are able to view how many spots are available for the session they are attending and once they accept the meeting invite through our platform, the number recalculates accordingly. 

The feature can also be turned on for select participants to view VIP experiences and hidden to the remaining attendees. Once the room is filled up, a waiting list will be created and the host of the event can select who they would like to attend which creates a seamless and exclusive VIP experience. 
Keeping participants safe in the new event world is a top priority, and with crowd control attendees can focus on the content while knowing they are following guidelines and setting an example for future in-person shows and events.