Smart Scheduler

Optimized schedules at your fingertips

One of the biggest issues people face with events – both virtual and in person – is creating a schedule that takes in the most relevant opportunities whilst minimizing the ones you miss out on.

Our industry-leading matchmaking algorithm creates personalized, unique schedules for all of your participants. By matching your attendees’ preferences and interests with event host schedules, smart scheduling helps ensure that everyone gets the most out of their time.

Smart scheduling works by asking your attendees directly what their preferences are with regard to meeting with other groups of participants or companies. Attendees have the option to do this before the start of the event, so everything is prepared in advance.

Rather than spending hours juggling schedules manually, you can simply sit back and let our algorithm do the work. The algorithm ensures that the vast majority of attendees are satisfied with their schedule, and that they have the opportunity to make useful, long-term connections.