Meeting Locations

From 1:1 private meetings to open networking, we have you covered

Take your attendees’ meetings one step beyond a standard video call with virtual meeting locations. As well as setting up meetings for your attendees, our algorithm also provides a virtual meeting place at your event where they can find each other.

For example, for a meeting with a potential vendor, the smart scheduler might suggest meeting at a particular stand in your virtual expo. If it’s a more informal meet up, it might suggest the virtual ballroom.

As well as simulating a real-life conference environment, this encourages your attendees to explore your virtual space more – and to discover more of your virtual event’s features and networking opportunities as they do so.

So much of the value of in-person conferences lies in the sporadic discoveries and connections attendees make. By giving attendees a virtual meeting place, you encourage them to engage with other attendees and activities simply via moving through the event – as they would in an in-person conference.