Branding & Customization

Make your event come to life with branding and customization

Encourage your guests to make the connection between the event you’re running and your brand as a whole with a host of branding and customization features.

Adjust color schemes, corporate logos and more to create the perfect experience for your virtual, hybrid and in-person guests, with the entire appearance of your event entirely down to your needs, judgement and creativity. Experiment a little, or pick your own brand colors using the  color selector — it’s all down to you.

As well as branding your event to your own choosing, you can also customize the attendee-facing portal so that the virtual experience you provide is as accessible as possible for your guests.

You have complete control over where your attendees land once they have logged in. As well as the four default routes of Profile, People, Requests, and Schedule, you can include up to 10 links to other services. You could link to our virtual ballroom or expo hall services if you’re using them – or you could link externally to a welcome video, livestream or whatever else your attendees would find helpful.

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