Admin Management

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and hello to our easy-to-use admin tool

The admin portal is your main, centralized tool for keeping on top of everything involved with the planning and running of your event. Having everything in one place allows you to make major time savings during the planning phase, and helps everything run smoothly during the event itself.

Retain a 360-degree view of how your event is going with instant access to timetables, calendars, attendee lists and schedules. Simply log onto the admin portal for an extensive range of scheduling, customization and administrative tools.

To make planning and running virtual events easier, you can also use Event Stages to take your event from planning to completion. These help you keep track of where your event is at and what tasks you need to do, as well as defining how attendees can interact with the event at a particular point.

Using an easy-to-follow colored box system in the Calendar Settings and Configuration area, you can move your event from the Setup stage, through Fielding, Finalized and Published stages before closing.