Appointment Matching

Make the most of your time with a customized schedule

Networking recommendations and pre-scheduled appointment matching drive productivity and value for events. Now your events can have the convenience of a pre-set schedule for every attendee that optimizes their time spent participating.  Our appointment matching technology gives organizers the ability to deliver full daily schedules that keep event “downtime” at a minimum and supercharge business momentum.

Add productivity to small conferences or large expos with appointment packages that allow for preference-based meetings with groups of participants or companies. Create participant schedules based on mutual preferences, and control “Do Not Meets.”  Force matches so that schedules are maximized.  Build a portfolio of for-profit events focused on hosting productive supplier / buyer meetings that match the best-possible participants together in appointments ideal for both parties.

Hosted Buyer 

Drive Connection and Engagement

Drive Connection and Engagement at Your Next Event by Pairing the Latest in Technology with Innovation and Humanity!