Returning to live events  


Founded in 1954, the Association for Corporate Growth has chapters worldwide representing 15,000 members. ACG serves 90,000 investors, executives, lenders and advisers to growing middle-market companies. ACG’s mission is to drive middle-market growth.

ACG hosts events on both a local and national scale throughout the year. While individual events can cater to various industries and business functions, you can almost always expect three basic experiences: expert programming, open networking, and one-on-one deal-making. ACG Global hosted the ACG  InterGrowth Summit on April 24-27, 2022 an event that gathered ACG’s worldwide community of 15,000 for business development opportunities.


With COVID-19 winding down and travel picking back up, ACG Global was trying to determine the best-possible method of providing valuable business interactions, with all participants feeling the most confident with their surroundings. Conference Scheduling Solutions collaborated with ACG Global and leveraged the power of registration data to facilitate connections virtually through our patented scheduling technology.


After a three-year hiatus from live events, our top priority for our annual InterGrowth conference was to help our attendees come back strong and make the right connections onsite. The CSS team worked with us to implement a scheduling tool that made it easy for attendees to find one another and schedule over 8,000 meetings over three days. With the help of CSS and the Conventus system, we facilitated more successful meetings and networking opportunities than ever before.”

Ariel Dorsey Senior Director, Conferences & Events


ACG kicked off the event with live programming and one-on-one meetings scheduling opportunities via Conventus. Conventus is ever-evolving and unique as it provides a platform to begin the scheduling process as soon as registration begins. In addition, it encompasses the entire scheduling experience as registration data is integrated, seamlessly, into the platform. This allows newly registered attendees to personalize their profiles and maximize their conference or event experience. It is through this enhanced information sharing that the most meaningful connections can be made, and the right meetings are arranged. With numerous abilities, attendees have all the power of requesting, accepting, and viewing their schedules all through their phones on the conference floor.  


The live in-person ACG InterGrowth Summit was a huge success and most attended event thus far. During the summit, there were over 8,000 meetings over three days.