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Scheduling Solutions

Networking recommendations and
pre-scheduled appointment matching to
drive productivity and value for events.

Virtual Meetings

Our scheduling platform has the ability to provide a method of business continuity in a virtual setting – easily and quickly.

Hosted Buyer

Build a portfolio of for-profit events focused on hosting productive supplier / buyer meetings that match the best-possible participants together in appointments ideal for both parties

Pre-Scheduled Appointments

Add productivity to small conferences or large expos with appointment packages that allow for preference-based meetings with groups of participants or companies.

Recommendation Engine

Our patented system creates your participant schedules based on mutual preferences, and allows organizers to control "Do Not Meets" and to force matches so schedules are maximized.

Completely redesigned participant-facing interface rolled out and in use for all clients and prospect demos.
Configurable elements including customizable login screens, branding, and profiles.
Profiles and schedules are both now printable for ease of use by participants and clients.

Conference Scheduling Solutions is a suite of technically advanced, easy-to-use, unbelievably efficient scheduling tools that help your conference participants do what they’re there to do – make valuable connections at an event. The platform creates matched appointments that deliver productive, one-to-one meetings via diaries or schedules, and also drives efficiency for meeting professionals.

Get matching at your events in NEW ways

One to One

Event preparation and productivity is just a few clicks away with CSS. Put your top players, sponsors or suppliers with heavy-hitter attendees together in invitation-only sessions mixed with one to one appointments featuring targeted meetings matched by CSS’ patented Recommendation Engine

One to Many

Keep those session doldrums at bay with interactive, rotating, sponsored table-top groupings matched with key speakers, suppliers or sponsors. Matches are topical, timely and non-salesy mini sessions where they listen and peer exchange. Add gamification and prizes to get everyone to the finish line.

One to Company

End aimless wandering at your trade event or Expo. Why leave it to attendees to find companies they might be interested in talking with? Help them opt in to a “targeted path” to those who share their needs, interests, and best potential for partnership. It's on-the-floor productivity at its best.

Matched appointments this year
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What Makes Us Unique

CSS provides a robust scheduling solution, allowing event producers to set parameters, rules, and desired outcomes for their shows.

While business connections are cited as a key driver of audience acquisition, there is no business intelligence tool on the market that gives event organizers the ability to easily manage and track business conducted at their shows. CSS’s technology platform allows event producers to manage all of the networking and connections made at their show. The attendee UI and our powerful admin tool make it easy for participants and event producers to schedule and manage appointments that maximize networking efficiency.

With more than six years of experience, CSS has scheduled millions of appointments. 

We have a deep understanding of the nuances of events and the need for a configurable platform. CSS is a market leader in appointment scheduling, providing scheduling for organizations like Connect Meetings and American Express Global Business Travel (GBT). We have developed strategic partnerships with event producers, each increasing their event count year over year.

The CSS platform integrates with all major event registration systems and mobile applications.

Our platform is flexible, cost effective and effortless to implement. It is compatible with any event registration system and any event mobile app. You can also arrange custom integrations via API for additional data sources. Contact us today to learn more!

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