Tech Corner with Bob Gillespie

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Here at Conference Software Solutions, we have the opportunity to talk with many meeting planners and attendees.  When you talk to many different people in the same industry independently, it’s interesting to see how often the same topics come up, how everyone has the same concerns and are interested in the same trends.  Just a few years ago, MOBILE was the hot topic (and still is), but now the question is “Now that we can communicate more effectively information to a large group, how can I now target communication to the RIGHT PEOPLE?  How do I connect?”.  Attendees need to meet the right people at the right time. 

A recent report by Conventions 2020 on the future of the meetings and event industry found that 76% of respondents cited the quality of networking as the single biggest factor that would encourage them to attend an event.  Event networking beat out content, interaction and technology as the primary motivation to attend an event.  Yet many events have been slow to implement a one-to-one or hosted buyer program for their attendees.

There are many reasons why adoption of these programs has lagged behind the demand:

  • Confusion on best practices.  What technology should be used?  How much more work will it take?
  • Budgeting happens early.  Planners have to plan really far ahead.  How can I afford to implement one-to-one meetings when my budget is already set a year in advance?
  • Change is hard!  Planners already have so many moving parts that adding a new program seems overwhelming.

Our software has been running very large hosted buyer and one-to-one meeting programs since 2010.  We can help!  From understanding how to implement a program, to integrating the meetings with your existing mobile solution and all the little details that need to be taken care, we know this stuff inside out.  Even if you just want to learn a little about these programs, as big believers in the importance of connecting people, we’d love to talk.

Early adopters are making big investments in building best in class networking programs.  Attendees are demanding better networking, better connections, and qualified introductions to get business done.  Better ROI for your attendees will drive more people to your events and grow our industry as a whole.