the easiest way to manage shift duties for staff and volunteers

Do you want to increase event coverage and crew happiness at the same time? Then talk to us for consultation or a demo. Seeing truly is believing!

Key Benefits

Turn the typically manual task of scheduling labor into a brilliantly automated process. The time savings are almost too good to believe—New York Comic Con took scheduling from 120 hours to a mere 8!

Utilize information from show to show. No need to recreate the wheel each time!

Cut the chaos and simplify your life. Turn hundreds of emails into an efficient communication stream through a simple staff portal.

How it Works

Easily launch your private site and invite your staff to log in.

Your event staff enters and prioritizes their schedule requests.

An adjustable schedule is generated and allows for changes to be easily made.

Staff has real-time access to their schedules.

During the show you have a simple and organized way to send out reminders, adjust the crew and track hours.


We’ve worked with crews of all sizes: from 7 people to over 700. If it takes you more than an hour to schedule your crew, we can help you spend your time better.

Our staff schedling site is designed to be very easy and very straight forward. We’ve had users covering all ages and levels of computer experience. Some of our most positive feedback is from crew members who are not strong computer users.

It depends on how complicated your show’s needs are. On average it takes about 4 minutes for someone to fill out preferences. For our more complicated show we’ve seen some users take up to 15 minutes.