A smarter way to schedule relevant one-on-ones at a hosted buyer event.

Whether you’re planning a hosted buyer event, or still investigating if the program could work for you, talk to us for consultation or a demo. Seeing truly is believing!

Key Benefits

Delivering the best possible schedule to both attendees and exhibitors through a sophisticated algorithm that automates the matchmaking and scheduling process at a holistic level rather than a collection of one-offs.

Giving your hosted buyers a way to save time! No more hours spent shuffling their calendars, the system does it for them, finding the best matches for everyone’s schedules. Goodbye to missed opportunities.

Providing quantitative insight into show activity—no more guessing about who’s meeting with who or how many meetings each exhibitor received.

How it Works

Our team works directly with your team to populate attendee and host data for your hosted buyer program

Your team uses our powerful administrative tool to configure your event and set parameters.

Your conference hosts are invited into the system to edit their profiles, upgrade to premium profiles, and request meetings with attendees.

Your conference attendees are invited into the system to edit their profile, view host profiles, and request meetings with hosts.

Your team sits back and lets our patented system* create your attendee and host schedules.

Your team, attendees and hosts are invited to make any adjustments needed.

*U.S. Pat. No. 8,195,495





The Hosted Buyer Program works for exhibitors, attendees and you, the show organizer. A Hosted Buyer Program can connect exhibitors to qualified prospects to increase sales and improve the ROI for attending your show. A hosted buyer program can also help attendees make better use of their time at a show. And for show organizers like you, it can help establish your show as the premier event for your industry and meet the needs of exhibitors and attendees.

We work with all sizes of events, small and large. Our smallest event involved 40 attendees and our largest event involved over 1000 people. You’re only limited by the size of your venue!

Launching the site takes as little as 10 days, 3 days to launch your site and 7 days for your attendees to make requests. But we want to make sure it’s exactly what you need, so we suggest starting this process 30-60 days before the day of your event.