get the facetime you need with the leads you want

Are you considering giving your attendees a tool that will make your event unbelievably valuable? Then talk to us for consultation or a demo. Seeing truly is believing!

Key Benefits

Making it easy for people to connect and schedule meetings before or during the event

Providing flexibility for attendees to set meetings on their own or have the show organizer preset schedules

Helping your attendees get their job done by efficiently connecting them with the right people

Providing valuable data on who is meeting with who and how productive your meeting truly is

How it Works

Our team works directly with your team to populate attendee data into our patented system*.

Your team uses our powerful administrative tool to configure your event and set parameters.

Participants are invited into the system to edit their profile, view other attendee profiles, and schedule meetings with one another.

Participants may determine who they would like to meet with and at what time, or they can choose to have the system auto generate their schedule.

Your team, attendees and exhibitors are invited to make any adjustments needed.

*U.S. Pat. No. 8,195,495





You do not need to have a structured appointment setting program to use this patented solution. Your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, etc. can easily set appointments with one another based off their availability.

The show organizer determines who can participate in the meeting pool requests.