About Us

The Conference Solutions team is comprised of highly passionate professionals that live and breathe events and technology. Our unique understanding of both worlds allows us to create products and provide services that truly meet the needs of today’s event organizers.


Laura Welsh

Laura brings a lifetime of history in the events industry to Conference Solutions.  She grew up in a hospitality family, and received a keen understanding of hotels and venues from an early age.  After university , Laura joined the Strategic Operations team at the Professional Convention Management Association. During her time at PCMA, she worked on a wide range of projects including: webinars, hybrid events, student/new professional programs, and developing new products and resources. For the two years prior to joining CSS, she ran Midwest sales for the mobile app company, Core-apps.

David Calone
Board Member

David L. Calone is the CEO of Jove Equity Partners LLC, a venture capital firm that helps start and build technology companies. He serves as a director of seven privately-held companies located throughout the country and is a co-inventor on eighteen issued U.S. patents relating to internet messaging and to optimizing medical treatment based on comparative treatment effectiveness data. He helped organize the bipartisan Congressional Caucus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the U.S. House of Representatives, through which he has been a leading advocate for federal policies that promote job creation through the development of start-ups and other small businesses. In this capacity, he helped create “Start Up Day Across America,” connecting federal and state officials with early stage companies in their region. He is also the founder of the Long Island Emerging Technologies Fund which has helped launch and provide seed funding for early stage companies based on technology developed at Long Island’s research institutions. He serves as founding National Board Chair for Techstars Patriot Boot Camp, a 501(c)(3) that helps veterans and active duty service members from around the country start businesses.

Josh Metnick
Board Member

Josh Metnick is Chairman of Mysterious Source of Capital LLC, a venture capital fund focused on emerging software technologies.  He serves as a director of several, primarily Chicago-based, technology startup companies.  Josh recently served as the Chief Technology Officer for Wrapports LLC, the holding company for the Chicago Sun Times (CST) and other media properties.  While at the CST, Josh oversaw several pioneering cryptocurrency implementations that were featured in the Wall Street Journal, Pando, Mashable, Coindesk, Business Insider and other publications worldwide.  Josh served as Chairman & CEO of Chicago.com, Inc. from 2002 until its acquisition by Wrapports in 2013.  While at Chicago.com, Josh founded Associated Cities, a trade association of around 150 City.com websites.  Mr. Metnick’s first Internet company, AIS.net, grew to become Chicago’s largest business ISP before it was acquired by Exodus Communications in January of 1999.  He is a co-inventor of U.S. Software Patent No. 8,195,495, “Computer System and Method for Handling Encounters.” In 2000, Josh co-founded January Studios LLC with Jove Ventures to license the film rights to specific works of 1951 Nobel Literature Laureate Pär Lagerkvist.  The company’s investors include Emmy-winner Peter Dinklage, Brett Icahn and Marc Rosen. Mr. Metnick earned his B.S in Finance from UIUC.edu, where he concurrently graduated from the University of Illinois Institute of Aviation.

Tony Lorenz
Board Member

Tony serves leading event management firm AlliedPRA as it’s CEO. AlliedPRA serves the worlds most respected brands across 20 locations throughout North America.  He is also co-founder and CEO of bXb Group comprised of Culture22, a leading interactive creative agency, and BOB.tv – an emerging content platform. Tony has 25 years of event marketing industry experience. He founded ProActive, sold to Freeman where he lead Creative. He also co-founded sports marketing leader, rEvolution, and has held several civic and industry board and other leadership positions.

Bob Gillespie
Board Member

Bob has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, consulting, technology, leadership and operations. A serial entrepreneur, he believes the ability to build great teams is the most important factor of success. By hiring smart, passionate people and providing solid leadership in a culture of innovation and creativity, Bob believes they can create industry changing products and platforms.