Automated one-to-one and pre-scheduled meetings to drive productivity and value for business appointments and events.

Intelligence, efficiency and automation—what more could you ask for? Our sophisticated algorithm schedules meetings with the right people at the right time, resulting in better prospects, increased sales, and a measurable ROI, all without an inbox full of meeting requests!

Productive meetings! That’s why people come to your events. Give your sponsors, attendees, exhibitors, trade show leads, and stakeholders the ability to automate the scheduling of meetings with people they want to talk to. End aimless trade show wandering and chit-chat networking with the power of CSS.

How do you ensure that attendees and exhibitors, buyers and suppliers, execs and employees and every other participant in your event get the value that they came for?  With Conference Solutions its algorithmic and automated.  Use any registration software, any mobile app and our suite of technically advanced, easy-to-use, unbelievably efficient meeting scheduling tools will help your meeting participants select preferences, rate interactions and choose the people and companies they want to meet with.  It doesn’t get more valuable than that!